Cyber security is everybody’s business!

-Uninformed c-level leaders are the greatest threat facing industries and business today. The leadership team of a company has the ultimate responsibility for cybersecurity. To minimize it as a priority or not adequately fund, or staff, your cybersecurity program is negligence says Jessica Robinson, CEO of PurePoint International.

Although Robinson argues management must take more responsibility for securing their businesses, she emphasizes that security ultimately is everyone’s concern. In order to stay safe from cyber threats, it’s important that end-users make sure to keep their IoT-devices and online accounts secure.

The shared responsibility is important for consumers to understand. A customer cannot purchase a device that has security built in, then not have a good Wi-Fi password on their home network and get upset if the device is compromised.

Robinson is a cyber security leader with a different approach. Security and empowerment are her top  priorities, and she uses her years of industry experience and her passion for empowering women to change the security game. Clients have praised her for disrupting the industry with a women’s touch and a holistic view of security, bridging the gap between physical and cyber security.

I am not afraid to bring a more feminine style into areas that have typically been male dominated. Additionally, for me cyber security is love and that is something I bring to all of my clients.

PurePoint International is the number one cyber security company for mission driven, women led and owned businesses and organizations globally. Through her company’s work, Jessica is working to educate female leaders to be safe online both at work and in their daily lives. She believes information is key in order to improve online safety.

- The more informed you are and the more consistently routines are executed the safer individuals and companies will be.

At Paranoia 2019, Jessica Robinson will address global trends in cyber security and its quickly evolving nature at the intersection of IoT, Privacy and regulatory environments. Her talk will include trends involving the shared responsibility model between businesses and consumers as it related to cybersecurity, the convergence of recent regulatory legislation as it relates to security, privacy and IoT, and impact of state sponsored cybersecurity attacks on society, businesses and individuals.

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