The Inescapable Problem of Cyber Attacks

Everyone in society is exposed to cyber threats and as leaders we have a shared responsibility to defend society against the rising threats. Understanding how threat actors think, plan and operate while also sharing cyber security experiences is the first line of defense.

Major changes to society are driving digitalisation. Cyber security is an unavoidable problem in an increasingly digitized society. We need to discuss how we can keep businesses, people and societies safe in the drive to digitize, use more climate friendly solutions and increase efficiency in public and private sectors.

When the UN gathers national leaders to discuss at the Climate Change Conference of Parties (COP26), addressing the consequences of digitalisation should be part of the agenda. Only by meeting and sharing will we strengthen as a whole.

The UN sustainability goals shed light not only on climate challenges, but also on socio-political and economic consequences. All of which have the potential to create unrest in society and thus threaten our security and ability to resist cyber attacks.

To succeed in a digital world our society is dependent on leaders on all levels addressing cybersecurity issues. Our mission is to enable a safe society, says Lone Flohr, CEO of Combitech Denmark.

Threat actors are increasingly sophisticated and prosper from companies and nations who do not prioritize or think enough about information security. The threat actors know how to use our weaknesses to their advantage, and that is why organisations must know their role and why theyplay an important role by enforcing preventative measures and activities.

Cyber threats affect every part of society. We recommend an injection of a healthy dose of paranoia to help prepare for the worst and tackle cyber threats on all levels. That is why we have established an arena where we can discuss cyber security and share experiences, says Anette Roll Richardssen, CEO of Watchcom in Norway, a fully owned subsidiary of Combitech.

The Nordic Paranoia Conference was arranged in Oslo Nov 18th-19th 2021 with international speakers helping the audience navigate through the complexity of cyber security threats on company, national, and global level. The first line of defense is to understand how threat actors are organized, what they are after, and how these insights on safety culture, organizational implementation and technical solutions can reduce risk.

Cyber attacks are an inescapable problem in our society. We cannot remove the problem – but knowledge and experience can reduce the risk of serious consequences for your organisation. We want to enable leaders to tackle transnational cyber challenges, says Pernilla Rönn, Head of Cyber Security in Combitech, Sweden.

Watchcom and Combitech advocate speaking up on cybersecurity issues, and see issues and opportunities from as many perspectives as possible in the in the planning and execution of cybersecurity activities.

The number of cyber attacks has risen sharply during the pandemic. It has never been more important to meet and share experiences so that we can protect against cyber crime, say the three leaders in unison.