Key Takeaways Paranoia 2019

Paranoia was held in Oslo Spektrum May 21st and 22nd. For the 12th time, Paranoia proved to be an important meeting place for security professionals and leaders to expand their network, share knowledge, gain new insight - and contribute to a safer society.

Cyber security in 2019

Cyber security is a concern for all of us, from state leaders to janitors. Several speakers at Paranoia 2019 emphasized the essential role of information sharing and international collaboration. Although the human factor is still considered security`s weakest link and hackers preferred target group is email users, we need to continue sharing and learning from each other to fight cybercrime.

Information sharing

Keynote speaker Michael Daniels,  CEO of  Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) and a former adviser to President Obama, emphasized the importance of sharing our “threat intelligence” in order to improve the basis for making security assessments.

Information sharing is vital to ensure that cyberspace is open, secure, robust and free, and there are competitive advantages of threat sharing. We do however need to distinguish between what type of information that is relevant for businesses to share. Both Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Michael Daniel emphasized that broad international collaboration is essential. Prime Minister Erna Solberg also underlined the need to use the existing international legal framework, and to apply it in cyberspace, as well. You can read the whole speech here.

The Human factor

Hackers prey on human weaknesses. Today, even malware producers provide customer support. Norway is on the A-list for most desirable countries to attack (Don Codling). Email users are still hackers ‘preferred target group (Shanaz Kahn) and 90% of breaches result from individuals. To make your organization more secure Everyone in the organization need to know what the mission is! Regarding cyber security, the C-execs, engineers and the janitors all need to know what the mission is to succeed in this (Jessica Robinson). 

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