Norwegian businesses – a target for hybrid threats?

The digital domain is under constant attacks. 40 % of businesses in public and private sector experienced one or several cyber-attacks in 2018, according to the Director of the Norwegian Business and Industry Security Council, Jack Fischer Eriksen. Want to get updated on how you can protect your business? Don’t miss Eriksen’s talk at Paranoia 2019!

Fake news, manipulation, sabotages, cyber-attacks and hacking operations. These issues are increasingly being highlighted in various Norwegian media outlets. Hybrid threats are becoming a growing concern to states and state-run institutions. Over the past year, we have witnessed several incidents involving hybrid threats. Such operations can make use of both conventional and irregular means like influencing, disinformation, online manipulation and undermining. The Norwegian Computer and Data Breach Survey, conducted by the Norwegian Business and Industry Security Council in 2018, revealed that also businesses in private sector are becoming targets for such attacks.

The Norwegian Intelligence Service argued in its 2018 assessment report that digital attacks by foreign states are considered the biggest security challenge in Norway today. “Jamming” and “spoofing” are examples of digital attacks, where a signal is being damaged or interrupted making the receiver believe they are on a completely different course. The intent with such operations can be to destabilize, spread disinformation or to create chaos and disbelief.

According to an article published by the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten on 11 Februar 2019, the GPS-network in Northern Norway was knocked out three times during 2018. The signal interference lasted between two to three weeks every time. The Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS) claims the Russians to be responsible for the attacks and believes the signal interference to come from Russian military departments at the Kola Peninsula.

The Russians recently started using new equipment for electronic warfare and it’s no reason to believe that these attacks will stop anytime soon, according to NIS’ annual threat assessment report “Focus 2019”. Electronic warfare can have an impact on civil aviation, as well as health services and police departments.

At Paranoia 2019 Jack Fisher Eriksen will address such hybrid threats and explain this growing issue with reference to some of the findings from The Norwegian Computer and Data Breach Survey and the Norwegian Crime and security Survey.

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