Cyber security experts Chris Roberts and Monica Verma, together with the host, Tormod Fjellgård from Watchcom.

Paranoia-X launched

On May 28, we successfully launched the Paranoia-X webinar series. Listeners were given exclusive insight into the (not so distant) future of healthtec by the esteemed security expert Chris Roberts, and got a unique comparison of cyber security and a pandemic by cloud- and security thought leader Monica Verma.

In her opening talk, «Cyber security and Risk Management as Business Differentiators», Monica described to the listeners why we have much to learn from a pandemic. Many of the characteristics of a pandemic are directly transferable to the field of cyber security, and Monica demonstrated how this knowledge can benefit business and society in general.

In this first Paranoia-X webinar, listeners were given an exclusive premiere to Monica's Cybersecurity Adoption Lifecycle Model, adapted from the technology adoption lifecycle while taking into account the various phases of cyber security. Her principles are a natural fit with modern thinking on cyber security, and more on this can be found on her new blog; Monica Talks Cyber.



In his own words, he is a researcher, dad, geek, and a hacker. To us, and many with us, Chris Roberts is a cyber security Mastermind. During his talk, all the above, and more were confirmed.

In «The Gift of Life» listeners were treated to an exclusive, sometimes scary, and very awakening, glimpse into the future of healthcare, nanotechnology and cyber security. Chris took an extensive look at healthcare, telehealth and embedded / augmented technology, today and tomorrow.

Throwing his crystal ball up into the air, Chris reflected and demonstrated through research and cases how we as humans have to adapt now that we have the potential to extend life beyond our current expiration date, both physically and digitally.

There are, without a doubt, many new challenges (and opportunities) for businesses in the years to come, but Chris reminded us of the importance of keeping an eye on the road at all times. Application of relevant cyber security measures will be vital, and thinking "outside of the box" essential, when we move into the future of healthcare.



With two of the leading stars in cyber security sharing the stage, very little could go wrong, and we assume we're not alone in concluding that the first Paranoia-X webinar was a success. We are looking forward to continue sharing cyber security thought leadership with you.


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