Paranoia-X returns

We are excited to invite you to the second webinar in the Paranoia-X series. Join us on the morning of September 8th for more cybersecurity thought leadership.

In the second webinar in the Paranoia-X series you will hear from some of the leading experts on AI, cloud, and security strategy. Gunter Ollmann is an internationally recognised thought leader in cybersecurity and Kjersti Stathopoulou is known at home and abroad for her leading expertise on cybersecurity and strategy.

Together, we will take a closer look at the people part of your security strategy, and discuss the barriers to machine intelligence and automation in elevating SNOC to the center of enterprise security decision making, and how SecOps should adapt.


Convergence of SOC and NOC in a cloud-native world.

The fusion of AI and SIEM in the public cloud defines “cloud-native SIEM”. While it shares the SIEM label today, it continues to disrupt operational security in new ways as businesses undertake their digital transformation. Meanwhile the convergence of security operations and network operations is leading SOC and NOC to combine to SNOC for public cloud workloads.

Cloud-native SIEM’s transition to cloud-SOC is driving the convergence of security and network operations; leading to first-generation cloud SNOC. What are the barriers to machine intelligence and automation in elevating SNOC to the center of enterprise security decision making, and how will SecOps adapt?

Gunter Ollmann serves as Chief Security Officer and helps drive the cross-pillar strategy for the Cloud and AI Security group at Microsoft. He has over three decades of information security experience in an array of cybersecurity consulting and research roles. Before joining Microsoft, Gunter served as CSO at Vectra AI driving new research and innovation into ML and AI-based threat detection of insider threats. Prior to Vectra AI, he served as CTO of Domain Services at NCC Group, where he drove the company's generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) program. He was also CTO at security consulting firm IOActive, CTO and vice president of research at Damballa, Chief Security Strategist at IBM, and built and led well-known and respected security research groups around the world – such as X-Force.


Security strategy – the people part

Organizations have over the last years invested heavily in security tools to protect themselves against cyberthreats. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the people part has become even more critical with the increased number of people working from home. To reduce the risk of cyberthreats, we also need to change the way we think about security and how we work. 

Kjersti Stathopoulou has 20 years of IT and Security experience, and she is Partner and Leader of Cyber in Deloitte Norway. Kjersti has experience from both inside large organizations and with advising them on how to build and execute security strategies and transformation programs. She is working to change people´s perception on security, and get everybody involved in protecting themselves and their businesses against threats.


Join us on September 8th for cybersecurity thought leadership and discussions.