Welcome to Paranoia-X November 25th

Join us for a deep-dive into cybersecurity strategy and operations together with some of the leading experts in the field - Hanne Tangen Nilsen, Security Director Business at Telenor and Richard Skjærstad, respected cybersecurity expert and Enterprise Security Executive at Microsoft.

Together, we will take a look at the threat landscape through the eyes of two major global players, explore the complexity of hybrid operations, learn why it is valuable to draw parallels from security in cars to cybersecurity and enjoy 90 minutes of high quality cybersec discussions. Welcome!


Our hybrid insecure everyday life
We know that advanced hybrid operations consist of many attack methods and we know that cyberattacks can have as long value chains as our own. How should we as organisations, society and across sectors be able to comprehensively understand the situation we are in and the consequences of our decisions? How well prepared are we really for something that can hit across sectors and society as a whole?
Hanne Tangen Nilsen is the Security Director Business at Telenor Norway and responsible for the development of security as a service area. Hanne has served as Chief Security Officer in Telenor Norway since 2011. Her experience ranges from management positions within sales, marketing, IT and technology in Telenor.


Five stars!
In his talk, Richard will draw parallels from security in cars to cybersecurity. Security by design must be more than something we talk about. And aren't we still struggling with all the humans - driving the safe cars? Can we make sure they do all the right things when given the possibility to get behind the wheel, or at least make sure they have a license to drive - and that they are authorized to drive. A Zero Trust approach like many organizations are applying could definitely be good when it comes to drivers! Security is everywhere.

Richard Skjærstad, Enterprise Security Executive at Microsoft Cybersecurity Solutions, is responsible for enterprise security, having moved from the role as Director Security Services at Telenor, and comes with extensive experience within the field of cybersecurity.