Intility is a cloud-based IT platform service that is used by over 600 companies. Intility provides access to a complete IT platform where specialized technical resources take a total responsibility for the IT environment to individual employees and for the company's mission-critical systems.

Since its founding in 2000, Intility has provided companies with the opportunity to get a complete managed cloud service at a fixed price.

Intility represents a next-generation alternative to traditional operating models where companies establish and manage dedicated IT platforms on their own or with external suppliers.

In a time where technology creates new opportunities and turns traditional, established models upside down, all companies are becoming technology companies.

Studies show that companies investing in IT to digitise their businesses are up to 60% more productive than those that do not. Companies that are able to exploit the opportunities that modern-day digitalisation brings will become future market winners.

A well-functioning IT platform is a necessity if companies are to succeed with digitalisation.

Many companies and their leaders want their IT departments to run and manage basic IT platforms, and at the same enable digitalisation and ensure they use IT to improve the company. This often results in severe resource challenges and lack of specialisation, as the IT resources are being held responsible for too many things and stretched too thin.

Tomorrow’s leaders put internal IT-resources, whom possess both technological expertise and core business knowhow, in charge of the digitalisation process. This is a prerequisite for growth and further development of these companies.

Most companies today build and operate dedicated IT platforms, either alone or together with consultants and traditional IT outsourcing vendors. The increasing complexity and greater demands set for IT make these platforms increasingly difficult to operate.

Several companies therefore seek to compensate for this complexity by expanding the IT platform with isolated/independent cloud-based services. In many cases, this result in a new kind of complexity that includes challenges with security, integration, user and rights management, Single Sign-on and provisioning.

Intility is a managed cloud service offering unlimited and scalable access to compute, storage and network, as well as integrated tools for productivity, security and mobility. The Service includes everything from systems monitoring and incident handling 24/7/365 to complete user support for all customers.

The Intility platform is continuously upgraded and constantly evolving in terms of new features, including seamless public cloud integration. This constitutes a guaranteed rate of development of the platform and provides secure access to popular cloud services, such as Office 365, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Salesforce and more.

Intility provides tomorrow's IT departments the opportunity to focus on how IT can help their companies increase productivity and competitiveness.