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A global software company that enables medium and large organizations worldwide to manage their business with integrated solutions for governance, performance, risk and compliance.

Corporater consolidates all the security risk and compliance management data and functions into one centralized solution to increase the efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, and transparency across the organization for managing Information Security & Data Privacy Management.

With Corporater’s ISMS solutions you can align enterprise governance with IT governance and risk frameworks such as the ISO 27001, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, COBIT Internal Control Framework, HITRUST CSF, or national regulations such as Sikkerhetsloven, Personopplysningsloven, Federal Information Security Management Act and more. The platform ensures business objectives, risks and security strategies are aligned and in accordance with regulations.

Achieve proper alignment of the IT Security and Governance functions to changing goals, risks, or the context of the organization, enabling the investment in your Governance and ISMS risk solution  to be linked to value creation.

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