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NTNU CCIS, Center for Cyber ​​and Information Security, is a research and development center at NTNU, with activities and employees shared between Gjøvik and Trondheim. We conduct research and development on cyber and information security and offer educational courses on the subject.

We are 120 researchers, and growing, and are organized as a long-term project at the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology. The center is the largest in its field in academia in the Nordic countries.

Our researchers also tutor NTNU's 800 students in the field, at Bachelor's, Master's and PhD levels. 2/3 of employees and students are at NTNU Gjøvik, 1/3 at NTNU Trondheim.

The aim is to run a resourceful center for time-relevant research and development in close interaction with relevant societal players; public and private, national and international. We currently have collaboration agreements with over 60 external partners.

Today, our researchers are divided into 8 research areas: biometrics, critical infrastructure, cyber defense, digital investigation, e-health, information security and privacy, applied cryptography, and system security.

Our center is at all times involved in a number of research projects with national and international funding and participation, most often with the participation of our partners.

Last summer, our research community was awarded an SFI (Center for Research-Driven Innovation) in Critical Social Infrastructure.

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