Brennan Lodge

Security Architect, BlockFi

Brennan is a self-proclaimed data nerd. He has been working in the financial services industry for the past 15+ years and is striving to help secure the internet with a little help from our machine friends.

He has held cyber security, data scientist, and leadership roles at JP Morgan Chase, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Bloomberg, and Goldman Sachs. Brennan holds a masters' degree in Business Analytics from New York University and participates in the data science community with his non-profit pro-bono work at DataKind.

Brennan has previous experience as a data science instructor in both R and Python, has been published in peer reviewed journals, and has presented and been a keynote at both data science and cybersecurity conferences. In the fall, Brennan teaches a masters program class called "Information Management and Data" class at NYU.

Technical Track

Data Science for Cyber Security and a Crypto Business

Brennan will showcase his journey in adopting data platforms and tools to build an operational nerve center for analytics across BlockFi. He will demonstrate how to build a cross functional organization and solve key business problems to earn executive buy in.

Brennan will also showcase some of the teams’ early successes he has had using machine learning & data science to solve key business challenges in the cyber security and analytics domains.