Julius Nicklasson

Team Lead Intelligence Services, Recorded Future

Julius Nicklasson is a Team Lead within Intelligence Services at Recorded Future. Within his current role, Julius works with enterprise security teams to develop their intelligence strategy and analyze security intelligence data to reduce their business risk. He has a Masters of Science Degree in Global Affairs from King’s College London and is GCTI Certified.

Technical Track

Redline and Racoon: How Stealer Malware Created Havoc and What to Do About It

Input loggers and stealer malware have enabled cyber criminals to generate easily exploitable initial access for state-sponsored threat actors and script kiddies alike. Although proper multi-factor authentication has never been more important, it can still, unfortunately, be circumvented.

Using recent examples of successful attacks and breaches, this talk will explore different methods available to security teams to better track this attack vector. The talk will also delve into the technical aspects of Redline stealer, showing how the malware is used by cyber criminals.