Oddvar Moe

Principal Security Consultant, TrustedSec

Oddvar is a Principal Security Consultant working as a Red Teamer in the Targeted Operations Group at TrustedSec. Working with Red Teaming towards Fortune 100 companies Oddvar has gained a lot of experience from some of the most secure customers in the world.

He has more than 20 years of working experience in the IT industry and is passionate about Windows Security, so passionate that Microsoft has awarded him the Most Valuable Professional Award 6 years in row.

As a speaker he has delivered top notch sessions at conferences such as DerbyCon, IT Dev Connections, Paranoia, HackCon, Microsoft Security Week and Nordic Infrastructure Conference. He also actively contributes to the security community and he is most known for his contributions around the LOLBins/LOLBAS and the Ultimate AppLocker Bypasslist.

He has also discovered several weaknesses (CVE) in the Windows operating system and found several new persistence techniques that has since then been used by APT groups. Oddvar also actively blogs about techniques and release tools to the community.

Technical Track

Red Team Tactics and methods

Join Oddvar as he dives into some Tactics and methods used on Red Team engagements. He will highlight some of his own work and methods and go over his thought processes along the way.

One of the primary goals of the session is to demystify a little around Red Teaming, so that everyone can get a better understanding on what to expect during an exercise. Oddvar will also do technical demos along the way during the talk.