Svein Sanner

Chief Information Security Officer, Nortura SA

Svein has acted as CISO in Nortura SA since the spring of 2020, and is running the group’s security transformation.

With both education and significant work experience from the Norwegian Defence, security and structure is the backbone of his mindset. From his time at EVRY, Svein Sanner has a proven track record of successfully delivering complex projects towards the financial sector, and further at PwC as a management consultant within the cybersecurity and privacy area.

Management Track

Co-presenting with CEO Anne Marit Panengstuen.

Food-supplies tipping on the edge 

Three days before Christmas, Norway’s leading supplier of meat and eggs, was attacked by hackers in an attempt to slow down food production. 

Nortura is the market regulator and suppling the Norwegian marked with more than 250 tons of food. Moreover, 17 100 farmers all over the country, is depending on Nortura ability to receive animals on a daily basis to ensure Nortura industrial body of 31 factories to refine and distribute food to 5 million people. The supplies go to retail, hotels, restaurant, hospitals, the armed forces and the industry.  

The attack led to shutdowns in all systems, stopping all deliveries. Food-supplies was tipping on the edge. 

CEO Anne Marit Panengstuen and CISO Svein Sanner will share the full story and their experiences from the attack.