Adrian Culley

Senior Sales Engineer, Cybereason

Adrian has over 30 years of Computer Security experience, particularly specialising in Security Operations, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Engineering, 4.5G/LTE/5G, Threat Intelligence and Malware.

He is a graduate of the Information Security Group at Royal Holloway, University of London, and an occasional visiting lecturer there. Adrian was previously a Detective with Scotland Yard, working around the world with their Special Operations Directorate, and latterly served with the Computer Crime Unit there. He has also worked directly for the UK Central Government in a global role. He was most recently with Palo Alto Networks for 5 years as a Consulting Engineer and Head if Industry 4.0. Previously he has also worked for Guidance Software, AccessData and Damballa. Adrian has a strong background in Digital Forensics.

Adrian was Head of UK Regional Forensic Technology for PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and Head of UK Digital Forensic for Tenon Group. He has worked with Government, NGO, military, intelligence, law enforcement, and commercial clients around the world.

A sought after industry commentator, he has been interviewed by CNN, BBC Television, BBC Radio 4 Today program, the Financial Times, Telegraph and Economist amongst others.

Revil: Pick your Path


Today's Ransomware actors are operating to devastating effect as evidenced by the Colonial Pipeline and JBS attacks, showing that a successful attack can disrupt any business. How would you and your organisation handle such an attack?

  • Adrian will walk your organisation through the steps and effects of the REVIL ransomware attack as it if were on your infrastructure 
  • Learn how these attacks can be identified, mitigated and stopped