Brennan Lodge

Brennan works as Security Architect at BlockFi.

Brennan is a self-proclaimed data nerd. He has been working in the financial industry for the past 10+ years and is striving to save the world with a little help from our machine friends. He has held cyber security, data scientist, and leadership roles at JP Morgan Chase, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Bloomberg, and Goldman Sachs.

Brennan holds a Masters' degree in Business Analytics from New York University and participates in the data science community with his non-profit pro-bono work at DataKind, and as a co-organizer for the NYU Data Science and Analytics Meetup. Brennan is also an instructor at the New York Data Science Academy and teaches data science courses in R and Python.


Home-grown Machine Learning Implementation for your Cyber Security Team

There is a flurry of discussion, press and vendors explaining how helpful data science techniques can assist in cyber security defence; however, there is little information available about how to effectively leverage and implement data science techniques within a company’s cyber security defence team.

The goal of this keynote talk is to empower security incident response teams (SIRTs) to seamlessly build, deploy and operate ML solutions at scale.