Carolina Angelis

Carolina Angelis, Truesec, has 20 years of experience in the Swedish intelligence services and is one of the country's most recognized experts in Human Threat Intelligence.

At Truesec, she leads the Human Threat Intelligence unit, helping organizations with insider prevention. She is also a published author in the spy fiction genre.

When the threat comes from the inside

The cyber threat landscape has changed: today's methods are not exclusively technical or human, but a hybrid of both. The human factor is increasingly exploited in connection with cyberattacks and information gathering, yet few are dedicating resources to counter the problem.

Carolina's talk highlights threat actors and methods, especially human intelligence, i.e. recruiting someone on the inside, and how social media is being used by intelligence services worldwide. With almost 20 years within the Swedish intelligence service, Carolina has a unique insight into infiltration and espionage methods – and how to counteract them.