Edwin Doyle

Edwin is a leading global cybersecurity strategy speaker working to keep the world safe from cybercrime.

Working with corporations to identify risks that emerging cyber threats pose to people, assets & interests around the world, innovating products designed for corporate security leaders, Edwin enables industry professionals to anticipate, identify, measure & mitigate those threats the world over; bringing his network the most relevant global insights, through a fierce uncompromising passion for winning the day!

Known for his unmatched track record of enthusiastic leadership, Edwin has cut his teeth for over 20yrs, responding to client needs for successfully implementing his specialized communication expertise with employees to warrant real-world behavioral change within organizations, specific to adopting new cyber policy or growing market share for their products & services.

Edwin is recognized to have a very practical understanding of security risks that is different from conventional thinking & through supervising the conversation between CHKP, enterprises, the global threat landscape analysis of cyber-security & cyber-terrorism, he is regularly featured as a security expert in leading media outlets & analysis, via keynote addresses, panel discussions & interviews.

Cyber Chains are Forever!

We’re the luckiest generation in the history of humanity. The Renaissance 2.0 of cyberspace is producing game changing technologies that will last a thousand years.

In this session, Eddie Doyle will explore how blockchain will transform cyber security into an unfair fight against threat actors, helping you position yourself & your company to anticipate where this revolutionary technology will lead us.