Inge Kampenes

Major General and Chief of the Norwegian Armed Forces Cyber Defence

The Cyber Defense is responsible for establishing and maintaining the Armed Forces' freedom of action in the digital space, and for protecting the Armed Forces' ICT systems against digital threats from military and civilian actors. 

The department delivers ICT services, command and control systems and communication solutions to the Armed Forces' departments at home and abroad as well as being responsible for operation and maintenance of the Armed Forces' nationwide communication infrastructure.

Digitization, cyber threats and social security in the wake of a global pandemic.

Norway has learned a lot so far in the global pandemic. The digitalisation of Norway has increased at record speed, and we have gained experience in everything from working from home to conducting teaching and leisure activities on digital surfaces. At the same time, we have also seen challenges with everything from intelligence activities to crime and digital attacks increase. Digitization has a significant number of advantages, but also significant challenges. Major General Inge Kampenes, Chief of the Cyber Defense, will present his thoughts on the development of recent years and what it means for each of us, for the society we are part of and for the security of Norway as a nation in his lecture.