Joe Slowik

Joe Slowik currently leads threat intelligence and detections development at Gigamon.

Prior to this, Joe has over 10 years experience in information security spanning offensive and defensive roles, with research and operational priorities, across various roles in the US government and previous positions at Dragos and DomainTools.

"Cyber Operations other than War: Placing Intrusions in Perspective"

The past few years have witnessed multiple, high-profile cyber incidents leading to media talk and popular concern over 'cyberwar' - but what does this concept actually mean, and how can we place observed events in context of such action?

In this talk, we will examine critically the nature of cyberwarfare and why headline intrusions represent something concerning, but not yet the disaster scenario so often described in popular accounting. In doing so we will review multiple recent events, from the SUNBURST campaign through various intrusions involving vulnerabilities in Microsoft Exchange. In doing so we will describe a half-way point between peace and war, that describes the current reality of the cyber landscape.