Marius Holmsen

Marius is a Sales Specialist on Prisma Cloud at Palo Alto Networks.

He has a long career in the industry and has previously worked in Cisco, VMware, Nutanix, and now Palo Alto Networks. Today, Marius works as a sales specialist for Prisma Cloud, and cooperates closely with cloud suppliers, customers with cloud solutions, and with DevSecOps / DevOps environments.

Cloud Security

As companies move their workloads to the cloud it is becoming more challenging to secure and provide the same level of visibility that we are used to from their traditional  on-premise datacenter.

This means that the toolset needs to change in order to adapt to the new challenges with cloud native applications and agile, microservices based workloads. As the developers move towards continued development it also means that security needs to be an integral part of the development process and not be an afterthought.

As the majority of companies also adopt a multi-cloud strategy, these challenges get even more complex as one has to maintain its security policy across different cloud providers and platforms.

In his presentation, Marius will discuss how one can meet these challenges and ensure a consistent security policy and provide the required level of visibility for cloud native workloads.