Nils-Ove Gamlem

Senior Enterprise Security Executive

Nils-Ove Gamlem has more than 25 years of experience from the IT industry. He has held several management positions, both technical and commercial. After many years at Cisco, he chose to leave his position as CTO and was hired by NAV-IT as head of their digital work platforms, where he was involved in moving NAV and several of their applications into the cloud, as well as making a major digital transformation of how NAV's employees work and interact.

In the autumn of 2018, he returned to the supplier side, and to the IT industry's perhaps most current and exciting area - Cyber Security. As Sr. Enterprise Security Executive at Microsoft he work with many of the most advanced and complex customer, helping and giving advice on how to protect and secure their most valuable digital assets.

Microsoft Digital Defense Report – The insight you need

Those who don’t know history are most likely to repeat the same mistakes. Get the insight and understand the trends in cyber security. Microsoft recently published the Digital Defense Report for 2021. In this session we will cover the findings from analyzing over 24 trillion security signals every 24 hours. We see transparency and information sharing as essential to the protection of the ecosystem.

Knowledge brings power, and to that end, security professionals need diverse and timely insights into the threats they are defending against.