Patricia Aas

Patricia is a programmer who has worked mostly in C++ and Java. She has spent her career continuously delivering from the same code-base to a large user base, from working on two browsers (Opera and Vivaldi), to working on embedded telepresence endpoints for Cisco.

She is focused on the maintainability and flexibility of software architecture, and how to extend it to provide cutting edge user experiences. Her focus on the end users has led her work more and more toward privacy and security, and she has recently started her own company, TurtleSec, hoping to contribute positively to the infosec and C++ communities. She is also involved in the #include<C++> organization hoping to improve diversity and inclusion in the C++ community.

"Why Is Election Security So Hard?"

What makes the domain and requirements of elections so difficult to solve with computers? In this talk we will go through a lot of the requirements of an election and what motivates them, and show how computers surprisingly often introduce more vulnerabilities than they solve when applied to elections."

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Twitter: @pati_gallardo

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